The Importance of Marketing Automation for Your Business

The Importance of Marketing Automation for Your Business


For a business to survive, an effective marketing strategy is needed. No matter how innovative a product or service may be, if it does not target the right audience, a business can never succeed. Marketing helps in helping the products reach the target clients, and ensuring that they use it. In today’s world, automation is everything. More businesses are using marketing automation. As a business owner, marketing automation is essential because:

1. It boosts your CRM:

CRM is a tool that is present in every marketing strategy. Combining marketing automation with CRM makes it possible for you to track and monitor all the activities in your marketing campaign. When looking for a marketing automation platform, get one that works well with CRM. It is similar to a phone. If you have a smartphone, you have to get the best applications. If you do not use apps, it is just a normal phone.

2. Increased productivity:

Marketing automation simplifies the marketing process. The stress of dealing with a tedious manual process will be relieved by an innovative platform. As a result, your productivity gets a boost in that your marketing department can focus on activities that need the attention of human beings.

3. Customer retention is increased:

In all business, clients are essential. Most companies struggle to retain customers. Marketing automation can be linked to email marketing to ensure that your clients are kept up-to-date with your brand. Your business continues to grow while maintaining relationships with clients. Using automation helps you get better insights of your customer’s intentions. With such information, you can be able to tell what your clients want and avoid wasting time and energy.

4. Monitor marketing campaigns:

Whether your company uses drip or social media marketing, you need to monitor the success and failure of each campaign. For most businesses, monitoring is a tedious task, but it can be simplified using automation software. Additionally, you can be able to tell the success of your campaigns with measurable data. The software can help you monitor your expenses, and get to learn the campaigns that are worth continuing.

5. Understanding your leads:

Using automation software enables you to keep track of web pages your lead views, the emails they open, and the landing pages they are converting from. You will be able to find out the content that is popular among your clients to get higher conversion rates. Software professional state that a company that uses marketing automation can receive an increase in qualified leads by 451 percent. Many businesses invest in marketing automation to increase lead management.


Finding the right marketing automation is necessary for any business that is targeting success. What used to take companies days or even months to execute can now be done in a short time. Because of that, much time and resources are saved and can be used to improve other sectors of the organization. To be able to have the edge over your competitors, invest in marketing automation and you are headed for success.

Edward Schinik is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Yorkville Advisors.

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